Thursday, 20 November 2014

year six,s transition

What does Transition mean?

I think transition mean when other school meet
in to one school  and share  things that the kids  learn at the school  with other children.

Last week Wednesday and Thursday the year six's were transition  from Kaikohe
west school to the kura takawainga O kaikohe we were there to look what they learnt there and how did they do it  some people at  the kura takawainga are rude
and disrespectful  to there teacher and some of the students at kura takawainga
are from our school   and when they came they were nice,respect full and kind
but when they change over to the kura takawainga they change  nice to bad that
what my mum was warring me about that.

My favourite thing at te kura takawainga was mad science, sports,skinning, cooking and art those four  things are the awesomeness thing I ever did
and I like the teacher,s that take them there is Matua Corie, Whaea Visns,
Nana rose and Matua Deon those are my favourite teachers.