Thursday, 12 June 2014

learning with miss parks

What happened? 

 We worked on popplet and what I learnt on popplet . It is a fun working site and you can share things with people  and they can show you things too.

What I learnt?

On blogs you can share thoughts, opinions and news.Your blog is a sample of who you are and the unlimited expression of you  on the web. Your theme controls how your blog looks; like you can personalise it with your own colour and your background images is to find the look that suites you. It is easy to change themes and so you always have a great blog.  Miss Park was showing us how to  blog.

So what?

 Next  time I will use popplet more often.

Here she is showing us.


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  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!

  3. i like Your blog it is pretty cool and your wee world person is cool to. How did you get that red sparkling thing up the top?

  4. Kia ora kee-jae I like your blog you have a lot of mahi on it tu meke kee-jae and your wee-world charecter
    and you are the first person I have seen a lot of mahi on there blog,

  5. Kee-jae I hope you do play rugby or soccer because you are a really fit boy and you are the head boy of kws I hope you have good luck Kee-jae and I think you got more work than kenadee that's why I put you as the person that first one to see the most work on there blog

  6. I wasn't so scared Because when Mrs Smith and Mrs Bates came over to my class and we had to describe what we would look like if we would be scared but thank you Kee-jae.

  7. keejae you need to make a slideshow like ruby

  8. keejae you have a cool blog and i think you got more work