Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Matariki and puanga begin in the  eastern sky, above the horizon , just before dawn during June which is our winter
season. When these stars appear it marks the end of the harvest time on land and sea. It is now is the time for feasting, fun and time to catch some special foods like lamprey eels and fat juicy birds. Lampreys have no mouth
just a rough sucker. In winter, they travel up the river from sea to lay their eggs spawn. Traps were placed in the rivers to catch them. At this time of the year birds were fat
They  were caught in snares or speared, cooked and preserved in own mouth the kumara had been placed in rua which is a storehouse under the ground. it also reminded the people that soon the ground would need to
be dug over ready for the next planting.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

learning with miss parks

What happened? 

 We worked on popplet and what I learnt on popplet . It is a fun working site and you can share things with people  and they can show you things too.

What I learnt?

On blogs you can share thoughts, opinions and news.Your blog is a sample of who you are and the unlimited expression of you  on the web. Your theme controls how your blog looks; like you can personalise it with your own colour and your background images is to find the look that suites you. It is easy to change themes and so you always have a great blog.  Miss Park was showing us how to  blog.

So what?

 Next  time I will use popplet more often.

Here she is showing us.